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Bowflex Home gym models M5

Bowflex has been promising top quality gym equipment for your home gyms since 1986, and they deliver what they promise, which is the main reason why they are one of the most popular gym makers out in the market. The Bowflex gym line-up is pretty expensive. With so many gyms to choose from, we thought that it would be helpful to offer an all-inclusive guide to compare and match all the models. I hope that this guide will help you to figure out what Bowflex model is suitable for your home gyms.

Bowflex is one of the most recognizable names in home fitness. I can say with the guarantee that this brand provides you the most durable and famous home gym models. One thing common in between the Bowflex models and Total Gyms have is that their design makes them instantly identifiable. They also got their name because of their resistance and their powered planted rods.

In spite of the fact that Bowflex is most notable for their home rec center machines, the brand is really answerable for a wide range of home wellness hardware, including seats, treadmills, ellipticals, and HIIT coaches. The Bowflex brand is important for the Nautilus family, which additionally incorporates Schwinn, Octane Fitness, Modern Movement, and Universal.

In this article, we have reviewed one of the top qualities Bowflex home gym model for you which is the Bowflex M5 to make the decision easy.

Bowflex M5 Home Gym

Bowflex Home gym models

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The Bowflex M5 is the most affordable home gym in the max trainer products. It uses the same technology which is used in the M6 premium model, in addition to some of the changes. This machine has a higher work rating compared to M3, a shorter warranty, less extra features, and comparatively fewer workout programs. The Bowflex M5 still is a good workout machine and will burn many calories in very little time. With the help of this machine, workouts are still very efficient and effective and these workouts are not of much longer time as long as the core is strong.


The Bowflex M5 is the premium model in the new Mx Trainer line, but still, its price is less than highly rated ellipticals. This device has the highest rating between the two Max trainer to choose from, the M4 is the best choice in the small, but very powerful product category. Obviously, as it is an after version of M3, it will be better in overall rating, a longer warranty, and many more resistance levels in the compact size, at a very reasonable price.


According to some independent university studies, the Max Trainer can burn up to 2.5 times the calories of an elliptical per minute, and 1.56x the calories of a treadmill. Some users tried to log about their 600 calories burnt from a 30-minute workout, whereas on the elliptical you can only burn 240 calories. This is the main reason why users are able to do an intense 14-minute workout and can burn many more calories. This all is in the combination of resistance, the upward style motion, and upper body workout from the handles.

Having together with the Max Interval workout, which can use the same interval training techniques that athletes and trainers enjoy for decades, which makes you able to burn a lot more calories per minute.

The M5 still offers seven other workout options as well, along with some other manual mode. It includes 16 resistance levels, which makes it caters nicely to the woefully out of the shape and the fitness mag cover model alike. However, for such a simple machine, the controls are a bit distressing for such various aspects of your workout as a session time.

Another great perk of the Bowflex M5 is that it also comes with a wireless chest strap for monitoring heart rate. Some data suggest that contact grip monitors aren’t as accurate whereas the wireless chest straps yield much better information, and are perfect for enthusiasts who are into fitness.


As mentioned earlier, this machine has many interesting features that make it stand out from other things. These features are discussed below

Zero Impact

In case if you are looking for a machine that can be easy on your knees, then M5 is the best machine. This machine stays in contact the entire time you are using it, which indicates that there will be no injury on your knees. Less pain means you can stay more consistent and consequently result better.

Higher Intensity

As discussed above, there is no impact when you are using this machine, it will make you put more effort and energy into the workout sessions. If you are wasting your energy in impacting, by using this device you can use it in showing better results. You will be able to exercise more and with a higher intensity level because you are not in any discomfort, which thus taking your fitness up a notch. For those people who are involved in HIIT, this machine lets you do that protocol efficiently.

Full Upper Body Workout

The major drawback of other fitness machines available in the market is that they are unable to give you any sort of upper body simulation. But this is not the case with Max Trainer M5, by using this your arms will be getting as much a workout as your lower body, make sure that you are challenging both areas of your body effectively. You can build strength and can burn fat optimally with this machine.

Resistance Levels

To help guarantee you gain progressing ground, the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 gives eight resistance levels to guarantee that as you get more fit, you can up the obstruction and see upgrades. This additionally causes you to perform stop-and-go aerobic exercise easily and change up your exercise meetings so you never become exhausted. On the off chance that you need more obstruction, no issue. Simply choose the M6 model, which offers 16 diverse obstruction levels.


When you look at the warranty and guarantee, the Bowflex max trainer M5 will not disappoint you. It offers two years of coverage on the entire machine no matter what happens to your trainer, it will get covered. For the first year, it goes smoothly, the issues came in the second year, so till the second year, you can fully enjoy the machine to its fullest.

Also, a 6-week return policy is available incase if you decide that the Bowflex M5 isn’t for you, within that time period, you will get a full refund. This policy is best for users who don’t have any experience of buying this type of machine in the past.

Heart Rate Monitoring System

Keeping a record and progress on your heart rate has become very easy by using a wireless chest strap which is in the machine. It will make sure that you are working out in your target heart rate zone.

Dual User Profiles

This machine also has a dual user profile which is better for couples who want to get in shape together or for two roommates living together. With two users’ profiles, each individual can set up their own profile and pick up their workout routine according to the routine they left off.



In this review, along with some facilities, there are some drawbacks of Bowflex M5 trainer have


The assembly of Bowflex M5 can take up to an hour or more. We will recommend that paying extra for the better and accurate assembly should be done. This will save you from the headache in the beginning and can also help you to avoid problems down the line

Best for Already Fit People

The lowest possible resistance level on the M5 is too powerful for some customers which is unlike other trainer machines, it isn’t intended for gentle rehab.


This trainer can be uncomfortable for small trainees. They might want to move their arms in order to be placed close together.


The series of Bowflex fitness machines do not have the best combination of price and warranty. The M5 trainer cost around $1599 and is under a two-year warranty. While on the other M8 is $2299 and under a three-year warranty. With a normal price treadmill, you will definitely get more consumer protection.


Final Verdict

The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is an amazing zero-sway trainer for transitional to cutting edge competitors that are searching for a treadmill elective. The principal detriment of purchasing the M5 is its value/guarantee combo. Simultaneously, it tends to be an extremely integral asset for preparing your whole body in less time than you suspected conceivable, so for that viewpoint, we give it 5 stars. This unit is more appealing and more engaging than the M3 because of additional projects, application coordination, and multiplied choices for obstruction. The Max Trainer M5 has been stopped by Bowflex and may not, at this point be ready to move. See our survey for the replacement, the Max Trainer M6.


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