Best band exercises for shoulders

Resistance bands can be fixed at any point and they don’t rely on gravity. This is the main reason that resistance can be used from any angle. This makes it very excellent for targeting many specific joints and muscles through many different degrees of rotation. Moreover, the resistance level of bands increases the level they are stretched. They are not like free weights, which usually becomes easier. This very good because your muscles/joints are in the strongest position that’s there should be getting the highest resistance.

Also, using resistance bands for shoulders is safer and gentler rather than using free weights. Using bands is a low impact form of exercise and can result in less injury. Because of the way it uses it to strengthen and stabilize your hands, you are more likely to stay free from injury.

External rotation


A very great exercise for individuals who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. It also helps you to straighten your posture. You have to make sure your thumbs are pointing outwards to help you maximize the rotation. You should also make sure your elbows are tucked into your body and your chest should be elevated.

This exercise can be done using both shoulders simultaneously. But we recommend that you should use one shoulder at a time to concentrate.


Internal Rotation



This exercise is basically the opposite of the external rotation. It is because you are moving your hands in and then pulling your body across your body.

The same notes for the posture apply to keep your thumbs pointing outwards and your elbows should tuck in.


Overhead pull down

Overhead pull down


This is quite the same as skier-style exercises. You should tie a resistance band to the top of a power rack so that it is hanging down in front of you. You should be in the position of a squat with the back straight.
Your neck needs to be in line with the spine. You should use your arms up so that they cover your ears and can have your hands in a neutral grip with the thumbs pointing up which will be toward the ceiling.


Resistance band row with external rotation

Resistance band row with external rotation

A two-step exercise that is very great for working your shoulder joints. Start with the straight out in front of you, with thumbs pointing downwards slightly. You should keep your bands in towards the chest, which keeps it on the level, just like a traditional row. Move your hands up, so that your forearms should be at a right angle to your body. 


Upward Row

Upward Row



Start from the loop of the exercise band. Hold the other end and face your palms facing inwards. Then pull your hands straight up towards the face which will make your knuckles pointing towards the floor. You should squeeze the shoulders at the top and then release it slowly in the downward direction.


Best resistance bands for shoulders

Resistance band provides you a low-impact solution for exercising and strengthening your shoulders.  You should consult your doctor if you are experiencing the following symptoms of experiencing pain and deep aching. It might be some signs of swelling and difficulty in raising your arms over your head and difficulty in sleeping on your arm after injuring your shoulder.

INTEY Exercise Resistance band

INTEY Exercise Resistance band

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Those looking to perfect the pull-up game should be on a look than the INTEY Pull Assist band. Pull-up bands will give you weight assistance when in order to try to perfectly pull up so that you can work with the strength to do which on your own. This set will give you four different resistance bands at an affordable price. Each band will give you different assistance levels, which are in the range from 35 to 125 pounds, which will make you choose as much or as little help which will help you in work.

These bands can make many happy customers, which results in high-quality construction, affordable price, and have the ability to help you do a pull up on your own.

SPRI band XERTUBE resistance

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In case if you are looking to increase some bulk, the SPRI band is made with a very heavy resistance specifically for those who want to have muscles. Five different levels are there from which you can choose, so you should spend your money which is right for you.

Handles on bands like some of these definitely need to comfort, and they should have been upgraded to include a grip which will leave the hands of customer feel good during the workout routine. This braided design will make the band durable, long-lasting which can withstand wear and tear.

RIMSport Premium Resistance Hip Band Circle

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The band is reasonable for both women and men, regarding their wellness level. The RIMSport takes into consideration shifting levels of resistance so each body and muscle bunch part can profit. You can utilize this hip opposition band for your legs, lower legs, hips, back, arms, shoulders, or glutes. Utilizing the band will help connect with and reinforce glutes and hips, both when exercises. Toss this on when you’re doing squats with or without weight for an additional push.

Another benefit to the hip sling is its capacity to help with at-home active recuperation or restoration from injury. Clients appreciate the no-slip innovation, keeping the groups set up regardless.


Buying Guide

You will find that variety of resistance bands are available in the market and you can easily find one which suits you best. Several numbers of factors are here to consider when purchasing bands for training. Here are some tips to make sure that you purchase the band correctly and you spend your money good.

Buy a variety of bands

Most of the bands are color-coded according to their tension levels such as medium, light, heavy, and very heavy. It is best to have at least three of them which are light, medium, and heavy because the different muscle groups require different levels of resistance. Most favorite bands for exercise are SPRI bands. You should take a look at the tension level for every color so that you can buy a variety of bands.

Comfortable and Easy to use bands

Some of the bands which you will find in stores include interchangeable handles, which means that you have to wear them and remove them on and off to use different bands. Some of them include handles that are larger than normal or can be made of hard plastic. These all are some minor issues but can be made more difficult than it needs to be using different brands.

Keep it simple

A wide variety of brands are available, like double bands and circular bands. If you are using them for the first time, then you should stick with the basic long tubes with handles. After you get to know how to use them, you may want to buy some other types of varieties later.

Buy Accessories

The main key to use your bands is to have different ways to attach them. If you want to have a sturdy pole or stair in your house to wrap it around the band across for your chest presses or seated rows, you might not need some extras. But, if you don’t want, you want to have a door attachment. You can also buy ankle cuffs, different handles and some other accessories.

Tension levels

Most importantly, you will have to take the tension level into account when you decide to buy a resistance band. In case if you are new to working out, you should start with a lighter resistance level, which is most importantly represented by yellow and green colors. Some of the medium resistance bands are typically red and blue, and some of the resistance bands are generally black, which will be more experienced for athletes.


Many users don’t realize that another important factor to consider is the length. To have enough length to maintain proper form, you will want a resistance band that is within a few inches of your height. If you are tall, you should have to make sure that you find a longer band.


The style will depend on what type of exercise plan do you want to do with the resistance bands, you want to have a certain style. For example, bands with handles on the end are great for working your arms, because the looped bands are helpful because you are exercising for your hips and glutes.




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